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It’s the Cost Structure, Stupid!

The American medical system doesn’t work. The most fundamental problem is not a lack of insurance, but the fact that costs are out of

Routine Hospital Stay – $15,000 a Night

Why Does a Routine Hospital Stay for 2 Nights with No Surgery Cost over $30,000?  

How Could the Experts Get it So Wrong?

Expert Predictions for 2016 Electoral College Results in US Presidential Election  Forecast Source Clinton Trump University of Virginia Center for Politics  322 216 Associated

Obama Frees Transgender Traitor

Who does still-President Barack Obama really care about? Hard working American taxpayers? Certainly not. But he does have a soft spot for traitors who

Tesla Will Not Deliver on its Promises

Number of cars Telsa said it would make in 2016: 80,000-90,000 Number of cars Tesla actually made in 2016: 76,000 Number of cars Tesla

Bezos attempts to overthrow election results

It’s no secret that Jeff Bezos, the billionaire owner of the Washington Post and founder of Amazon, hates Trump but now he has shockingly attempted